Images from the Not for Pussies album


Not for Pussies - has an extensive booklet with images relating to all songs.

Image 1: Flying to Atlanta; Image 2: Janette as Bette Davis (real fags); !mage 3: Stronachie swallows

Image 4: heading south on Interstate 25, New Mexico; Image 5: Janette looks over Frankfurt

Image 6: Billie; Image 7: soppy self-portrait....; Image 8: The glorious Alice

Image 9: Janette and her Dad - 1963; Image 10: Chania sunset, Crete

Image 11: Cave, Bandolier Monument, New Mexico; Image 12: Janette's Dad; Image 13: Janette's folks

Image 14: Brian's Dad; Image 15: Ted & Lucy, Devon lanes.