As children of the 60s and 70s and fans of the world of Progressive Rock (!) we are very nostalgic about the album artwork we used to see on our LPs of the era. We feel visual art should enhance any musical creation and are keen to link our music with artistic images which - for us anyway - reflect the atmosphere of each piece. Both of us have a long-standing interest in photography, drawing and painting and from the creation of the pre-Not for Pussies EP The Five Elements in 2004, we have designed, developed and completed our own CD packages. Its a kind of cottage industry!

All of our CDs to date have a similar approach to the artwork. When the music is completed we find images or designs we think capture the piece. A process of long-listing results in dozens of images which are gradually culled until we have a design theme for the package as well as front & back covers, a picture for each song and a CD-print image. Most images originate as digital images though some are old photographs which we scan. Sometimes the image needs to be created - such as Blue Buddha on After dark - this is a painting/collage created by Janette, converted to a digital image and then modifed in the computer. Finally the images are formatted onto the pages, printed, sized and bound into a booklet - literally on our dining room table.

If you are interested in the artwork for the CDs - or our other images - please use the links below to look at the Gallery.