Not For Pussies Band



Janette: "Words have always been incredibly important to me. I have kept a diary since 1973 – a habit I seem to have inherited from my mother – so writing is an integral part of my daily life.

Both of us have also always loved literature – finding ways of deciphering life through the novels of John Irving and others (Brian would have to mention Salman Rushdie…) I have a library of poetry – in English and German – My favourites would include Norman McCaig, Charles Bukowski, Ruth Padel, Carol Ann Duffy and Anne Michaels.

Poems and lyrics are two separate worlds, but the area in between is a blurry one. Some poems have become lyrics and vice versa, but some lyrics need the music to bring them to life and couldn’t live on their own. All tell a story or paint an image. I love the idea of playing with language and sketching something quickly like a watercolour. The German writer Peter Altenberg is particularly good at this – evoking an atmosphere in just a few words – or Canadian writer Anne Michaels, whose novels read like poetry."

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