The Five Elements

Alternative Communication was long gone by 2003. Work pressures, life and geography had all conspired to keep us both well away from playing music - except for the occasional hospital Christmas show. We'd maintained our interest in rock music - attending some great shows - standout gigs during the 80s, 90s include a chance to see Jan Ackerman in London, the Yes reunion concert at Wembley Arena, the Cocteau Twins, Talk Talk and the Psychadelic Furs. In 1996 we moved back up to Scotland for work reasons and bought a house with space to have a music room......and the renaissance begins......

We quickly discovered that kit was much more affordable than in our university days and began building up recording equipment, new amplification (and a PA) - then started to write and record in a recreational kind of way. We played music at various retreats etc (maily covers - Crowded House and Tom Waits) - but then Janette - who was doing a Shiatsu course at the Aberdeen School of Shiatsu - had to do something interesting for her final exam. Students had previously used art as a vehicle to present the ideas contained within the Five elements - the basis of traditional Chinese medicine on which Shiatsu i s based. Janette decided towrite and record 5 pieces of music based on the elements - and present them as her final thesis.

The music was recorded onto our fostex digital 16 track - but this didn't have the capacity for high quality mixing/mastering and (crucially) we couldn't burn CDs from it. Two of our musical chums had experience of recording using computer sofware - Protools. We bought a Macbook, an M-Box and produced the CD. Then, to present the music, Janette designed and printed CD covers AND a presentation of photographs which also aimed to capture the characteristics of the 5 elements.


The Music

To hear the music, please click o the MP3 links below.

Track 1. - Wood

Track 2. - Fire

Track 3. - Earth

Track 4. - Metal

Track 5. - Water





Cover Images


The recording, mixing and mastering of the Five elements CD was the starting point for the process which resulted in Not for Pussies. We started to write more music and both attended a recording course at a local college. A trip to the USA with very musical friends got us writing more and playing more confidently and on our return to the UK we started recording the songs which would result in the Not for Pussies album.