Lyrics for the of winter born album

1. Promised Land

I wrote the lyrics to this after watching a TV drama called The Promise. It dealt with the situation in Palestine – when the British were suppressing the Jews in the 1940s and in modern times with the situation in Israel. I personalised it and opened the lens out a bit wider to all human on human suppression.

You’re in the system, you do what you can.
You gotta go through the motions, gotta deal with the Man
but you don’t believe in it and you know that you will never find your Promised Land
You’re an outsider, not part of the team.
You could go crazy just chasing the dream, but it has no meaning.

What possible harm can it do to sell arms? We’re just makin’ a livin’
- helping keep the peace and maybe greasin’ our palms a little
If you’re under attack, you gotta gotta fight back – it’s the law of the jungle
and our businesses pay, so we’re here to stay …

I take no part in anyone’s fight
- they’ve all got God in their ranks and everyone’s right.
My heart isn’t in it and I know that I never, never can win.
We’re all in a playground in a fight over toys
We’re trying to sort out the men from the boys, but it has no meaning.

We all need a place – get out of my face – Hey, I’m only human!
So pack up your bags – you’re not coming back…
I’m staking my claim, I won’t take the blame for building my empire.
How can it be wrong when you just don’t belong here anymore?

2. of winter born (instrumental)

A pair of themes - one on piano from Janette and one on trumpet from Brian - came together to form this piece. The trumpet duet in the bridge is about as "Tijuana Brass" as you can get!...and yet it feels so wintry!

3. Summer ‘77

Brian had a lovely guitar riff going and it immediately made me think of that long, hot summer when we first got together. The lyrics came along very quickly and here it is. It was also written on his birthday!

Heat haze and long bikini days
School was out and the kids were free to roam
All day walks and sleep-over girlie talks
Baker Street and Squeeze on the radio

We painted nails and swapped lip gloss, forgot about toys
In our platforms and Aviators, suddenly aware of the boys

A flash of smile and a sun-freckled face
bright blue eyes in the glare of the Summer sun
I should have spent the day with my best friend
but instead ran off with the mystery boy

First kiss and lightning struck my core, set free a creature
Desire – a kind I’d never known before – I wanted more…

In your room your hands made me woman
We discovered new landscapes to explore
I could see the man that you would be
and my heart just knew this would be for real

First day of Spring and, birthday boy, your kiss ignites
the fires of Summer ‘77
Oh, here I go…

4. Ash Wednesday

This lyric started off years ago as a poem, for my best friend Fiona. We met when we were 5 or so and fairies in the local Gala Day… I’d never seen her before and wondered why, then discovered she went to the local Catholic school… I was at the Protestant school. Sectarianism was rife and I was fascinated by this new, exotic friend and her forbidden religion… It seemed so much richer and more beautiful than mine.

Kneeling at the hearth
I take some ashes, daub my face and think of you
A spindly-legged little girl,
priest’s grubby thumbprint on your brow

The mark that set you and yours apart from me and mine
The mark that set you and yours apart from me and mine

Remember when you sneaked me in there?
The incense, painted gods and holy water by the door
I crossed myself and curtsied just like you
half praying that the bleeding Jesus would not tell my mother

You had golden angels, full of grace and I had only empty crosses
You had golden angels full of grace and I had only empty crosses
Where are the golden angels? I can only see empty crosses
Where are the golden angels now? I can only see empty crosses

Lent has been long and much too hard on you
I want to reach out and hold you, light candles,
roll the stone away,
watch you emerge on Easter Day
watch you emerge on Easter Day
Easter Day… Oh….

5. Catfish

The lyrics for this song were inspired by a documentary on TV by the same name, about a photographer in his 20s who fell for a woman on Facebook, who seemed like a dream come true – young, beautiful, talented and with a great family. To cut a long story short (for more info Google “Catfish” or Nev Schulman) he discovers that she isn’t who she claims to be and is a 48 year old woman with a pretty hard life, using Facebook to escape it. To Nev’s credit, he’s incredibly kind and understanding and at the end of the programme, it states that they’re now friends. The story touched me, as I‘m the same age as Angela, but have a very different life. This is my version of her story… We really enjoyed writing a fairly sparse but rocky song, with the spaces being just as important as the music.

Angela – the where you are right now too hard to bear
Angela – all you want is someone who will care
But your Facebook family gives you everything you need
Your Facebook fantasy becomes a thing you have to feed – Angela

Every day you post your perfect life for all your friends
and what you say becomes a web of lies that has no end
But your Facebook family gives you everything you need
Your Facebook fantasy becomes a thing you have to feed – Angela

You are sexy, you are cool – you were the prettiest girl in school
and all the boys can’t help but fall for the photos on your wall
of an all-American girl, who seems to have it all
You got them playing the fool, but you’re about to lose control – Angela

Angela – you never thought for once he’d come to you
Angela – the pain you saw in his eyes showed that he know
that your Facebook family was your only escape
from the stark reality you have to deal with every day
You saw an opportunity to flirt and laugh and run away
but all the while you knew you’re here to stay

6. Round (instrumental)

This piece was originally a simple acoustic guitar riff - but one day brian was left alone in the studio with his effects unit and guitar synthesizer and the rest is history....there's even a homage to Jan Ackerman in the beefy solo.

7. The Glory

This also started as an acoustic song - but was going nowhere quite late in the recording process. One day Brian decided to try an electric version - and before we knew it the folky stuff had gone an in its place was a great, rocky riff that needed some lyrics belted out on top of it, so I set to work… Turned out to be another bit of a rant about humanity!

The President and the suicide bomber,
both believers in a Judgement Day
One has his legions, the other has his lifeblood
and they’re intent on throwing them away…

The holy word of God will guide them,
believers and the infidel
They’re so caught up in searching for the Rapture
they don’t see they’re on the road to Hell…

For the Glory
The war that must be waged and must be won
For the Glory
Wake up boys there’s righteous work to be done

For hope and glory, for King and country,
there’s always a bloody price to pay
Another band of brothers’ call to duty
all that those left behind can do is pray

For the Glory
Which god are you praying to?
For the Glory
In the rubble and mud
For the Glory
In the heat of battle what do you do?
For the Glory
In the fields of blood

8. 1842

We went to see an exhibition in the Edinburgh Festival – Hiroshi Sugimotos’s exhibit of early photography pioneer Henry Fox Talbot’s work. The room had a really charged atmosphere, as if we were in the presence of spirits. One photograph “Portrait of Charles Turner” fascinated me and I was struck by my face, reflected in the glass on top of his. The complete song came into my head and I noted it down right there and then. Brian added some beautiful guitar lopps and atmospherics to the finished song.


His face looks through the darkness into you
His contemplative moment comes to this
Your form reflects and merges into his

The shadows that we are or that we were
Tricks of light
The dust caught in the air

We’re floating in a place that’s neither here nor there
Freeze framed
Shadows and light
We gaze into the night

9. Cosmos

This song is a complete contrast to 1842. It began life as a 5/4 piano sequence I’d come up with, then Brian added various layers to. It stayed like that for quite some time, until I was watching Professor Brian Cox’s “Wonders of the Universe” on TV (I actually don’t watch as much TV as these notes might suggest!) I recorded one programme which focused on the unravelling of the universe – its expansion and the inevitable death of all the stars. I’d always thought the stars were something permanent, but no, we’re just living in an era of starlight (the” stelliforous” era) and someday all of this will be gone. Talk about REALLY having transience and mortality hammered home! It touched me deeply and the song evolved out of pages and pages of notes. A friend met Brian Cox and told him about our song… He seemed interested and asked if we’d send him a copy of our CD…Haven’t heard back from him yet – Guess he’s a busy guy!

Starlight illuminates the night sky, starlight illuminates our days
Living in the stelliforous era, countless galaxies light our way

In the night sky, we read the past
all that the heavens ever have broadcast
The speed of light through darkest space
brings us and ancient history face to face
We hear the echoes of every age,
millennia before we took to the stage
and when our sun is dead and gone
someone somewhere might still see how we shone

Starlight illuminates our night sky, starlight illuminates our days
Living in the stelliforous era, we are woven through the Milky Way

No going back, no going back, nothing can ever last forever
Faraway the red star dies – oldest sun to reach our eyes
Starlight illuminates the night sky, starlight illuminates our days

Tomorrow can never be like today, today can never be like yesterday
as the universe slowly unravels in the universal journey towards decay
The arrow of time inevitably pulls us towards entropy
We are the cosmos made conscious, we are the cosmos made flesh
For the briefest, brightest moment
this is our instant, this is our time
this fleeting glimpse is all I can ever call mine